Technology and Services

Photo Posture Analysis

A detailed posture analysis will be performed during your new patient assessment. This will help Dr. Bryon identify areas of imbalance and monitor improvement.


The posture analysis is usually performed again at progress evaluations to provide a comparison study.  These progress check-ups are completed approximately every 12 treatments.

Digital Laser Aligned X-ray

When assessing the complexity of the upper cervical spine, specialized digital x-ray images are utilized to determine the exact nature of your misalignment.

Digital Infrared Thermography (thermal scan)

These scans measure the surface temperature of the skin.  Temperature should be symmetrical on both sides of the spine when your body is balanced.  Thermal scans are performed before and after every Upper Cervical correction.


The nervous system controls the body's temperature regulation, therefore, we can utilize thermography to study and monitor the changes in the balance of the body, to help detect if there is interference due to spinal misalignment.

Post-correction Relaxation Room

Patients recline in our exclusive zero gravity chairs for 10-20 minutes following an Upper Cervical correction, depending on what your body needs.


These specialty chairs allow your spine to relax in a neutral position.  This time allows your body to adapt to the treatment, helping you hold your corrections/adjustments longer.

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Fee Schedule

Inital Assessment

Your cmprehensive new patient assessment includes: Complete health history and examination, computerized nerve system scan, digital postural evaluation, and customized care plan.


Digital X-ray Imaging

All Upper Cervical patients require specailized x-ray views of the top of the spine. These images are used to analyze the nature f your misalignment and determine the most appropriate treatment plan. Is you had recent x-rays taken of the cervical spine, we can often request and utilize them. Sometimes certain shots may beed to be retaken if we cannot visialize certain aspects of the vertebrae or alignment.


Progress Evaluation or Re-Examination

Approximatley every 12 visits, Dr. Bryon will completed another assessment to monitor and track preogress. As many things can change in life, a re-examination will be completed if you have not been to the office in 6 months or more.


Office Visit (with MB Health)

Manitoba Health covers $10.00 towards each treatment for a total of 7 visits per calendar year


Office visit (without MB Health coverage)

For those who do not have a MB Health number or whose coverage is exhausted for the year, the full visit fee applies.


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